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Airbnb House Rules

Updated: Oct 3, 2019


House rules are the most important barrier between you and a bad guest. House rules that are generic and ambiguous will attract guests who will do harm to your property while properly written house rules will detract bad guests as well as provide reasonable compensation if something does happen.


A house rule must consist of 2 parts: 1) A clear determined rule and 2) A charge associated with that rule.


Having a clear determined rule is important; Airbnb will not compensate you of the rule is ambiguous. For example "No Parties" isn't a clear determined rule. The term "Party/Parties" is different for everyone and Airbnb could rule against you if it is not clear. A better option if you wanted to avoid parties would be "No extra guests above 2 person limit". So if there is a party it would be very easy for Airbnb to make the determination if the rules were broken.


Adding a charge to the rule is just as important as having a clear rule. If a guest sees the punishment for a rule they will be way less likely to break the rule. Also, it will be easy for Airbnb to give you compensation via the host guarantee. For the example rule of "No parties", even if you could prove there was a party Airbnb will not likely compensate unless there is damage. However, if your rule is "No guests above 2 person limit; $100 charge per person above this limit" it will be very easy for Airbnb to compensate you for this. So if there is a party and you see there was 6 people and there was 4 people over the limit you send a request for the guest for $400 plus any damages that occurred. You would most likely be compensated by the host guarantee.

It goes without saying that you should always have ways to prove the amount of guests to Airbnb. You should have a video camera at the entrance of your Airbnb -- it will pay dividends in the future!

Having a rule that is clear with a charge will prevent bad guests as well as making the rule enforcible. Since I have made these changes in November 2019 as of July 2018 and 400+ guests over 14 properties I have had only one time the place was left a little messy with extra guests which was not a big deal at all.



- Take off shoes at the door

- Treat this place like you would your own

- Please note this building entrance/elevator has surveillance and is checked daily.

**RULES FOR BAD GUESTS. 99.99% of my guests do not need to worry about these, I am not a picky host. Treat the place well and you will have absolutely nothing to worry about.

- No Smoking inside unit ($500 fine)

- Parking in wrong spot ($200 fine)

- No throwing cigarette butts off balcony ($2000 fine). I really can’t believe I have to make this rule but here we are; Throwing cigarette butts off the balcony creates a serious fire hazard.

- QUIET TIME IS 10PM - A fee will be assessed if there is excessive noise after 10PM. This is very seldom used and will likely only be assessed if the guest is having a event/party or has been warned. First complaint – WARNING, Second Complaint - $500 AND SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION OF TRIP WITHOUT COMPENSATION, second fine and after - $1000 AND SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION OF TRIP WITHOUT COMPENSATION.

- EXTRA GUESTS FEE ($200) - A fee of $200 per person will be assessed if more than the allowed amount of people are in unit without prior permission. I will give the okay most of the time, I just need to know about it. This includes any pets if pets are not allowed in the listing.

- LATE CHECKOUT FEE ($50) - A late checkout is defined as the cleaner showing up and having to wait for you to leave. The cleaner will show up a minimum of 30 mins after the agreed.